Radionics Machine video radionics

Radionics Machine video radionicsRadionics machine Radionics Machines is a unique healing modality in that it is a system of diagnosis and treatment geared to more than just the physical body. To order go to:


It may ultimately teach us the most about the nature of healing and human consciousness itself.” Richard Gerber, M.D


What is radionics Living beings are complex and inter-related systems, synergistically interacting on physical, energetic and informational level. All levels are communicating with the surroundings and bio-resonating with other beings or frequencies generated by planets, earth fields. Thus all Copen radionic devices are following the principle of quantum response to a complex number of factors, by using probability mathematical algorithms.


A Hardware and a software are interconnected and guiding your work with patients.


Copen Radionics Machines support your diagnosis and therapy work with patients, devices are complex and extraordinary efficient.


Copen Radionics Machines, a 100% German company is for over 70 years a market leader in manufacturing and developing radionics systems. The diagnosis is holistic and complex going to the roots of the health condition and the therapy is customized and working on physical, energetic and informational levels. Best radionic devices.


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